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Welcome to IV League Drips

At IV League Drips, we strive to optimize your health. We believe that health is being able to live day to day with optimal vitality. Our goal is to empower people to achieve their goals through education and personalised approach to health optimisation.

Meet Rosalie McEvedy

It was during an eye opening trip overseas that Rosalie first discovered the efficacy of using IV drips as a means to administer vital vitamins and nutrients, especially to those who were otherwise deficient.

With over 5 years of experience in the pharmaceuticals industry and additional education within the nursing profession – she set about creating IV League with the knowledge and wisdom she had garnered during her time in both industries.

With the resounding popularity and success of IV vitamin therapies overseas, it led Rosalie to leave her clinical practice and focus solely on creating the IV movement back home in Australia.

IV League Drips was Sydney’s very first fully mobile Vitamin IV Drip service – we’ve been helping people get the best out of every treatment for years.

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IV Drips offers a wide range of services tailor made to the needs of our clients. Our experienced medical practitioners will help to identify underlying problems through medical and physical examination, tailoring an individual approach to you. Contact our team for more information.

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