Intramuscular Subcutaneous Shots

Intramuscular and Subcutaneous Shots


Each of our new Intramuscular shots typically takes 15 minutes or less to complete, giving you access to the time of a regular drip treatment but in only half the time.


Intramuscular vitamin injections are administered directly into the muscle. The frequency of intramuscular shots may also vary depending on your treatment plan — some may require injections
weekly, while others may receive them intermittently.


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IV League Drips offers customised intramuscular and subcutaneous shots tailored to you. Book today to organise a consultation with one of our nurses.


What to expect during your intramuscular vitamin injection treatment

Our intramuscular vitamin injections are administered by our professional and experienced team of nurses, who can help you identify underlying health concerns after you’ve purchased your blood test through our website and visited your local pathology clinic. Our team will then determine the most appropriate injection solution based on your blood results, ensuring the prescribed medication’s safe, speedy and effective delivery to meet your body’s unique needs.

Having undergone extensive medical training in safely administering intramuscular injections, our team has the experience and skills to answer any questions you have, giving you total peace of mind.

No matter the current state of your health, the medical team at IV League Drips is committed to providing you with the safest possible care and services in a clean, calm and sterile environment — whether we come to your home to administer our intramuscular injections or you visit our Sydney clinic..

Intramuscular and Subcutaneous Shots: Price On Application

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IV League Drips offers a wide range of services tailor-made to the needs of our clients. Our team will tailor an individual approach to you. If you believe you may be a candidate for intramuscular injections or are looking to discuss and learn more about the other IV treatments we offer, contact our team for more information.

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